I love when people think that their ideas are too big, too dreamy to become reality, because I tend to think exactly the opposite.


SUBLEts (web series, 2016)

"Sublets tells the story of Will and Tess, two best friends trying to survive in NYC while simultaneously subletting their apartment to a new roommate every month. Their lives spin out of control as a bevy of weirdo's co-habitate with them."

I created, starred, and produced this web series with Caitlin Morris.  The show has over 30,000 collective views, and has won awards at the NYC Web Fest (I LOVE NY) and at the Vancouver Web Fest (Best Comedy Series).  It has been an official selection of NYC Web Fest, Vancouver Web Fest, LA Web Fest, ITVFest, and Adirondack Film Fest. 


Nannies (web series, Upcoming, 2017)

"Nannies is a comedy web series about a group of four friends and nannies traversing life in the high-end NYC childcare business."

I developed, produced and directed the complete first season of this upcoming series due out in Spring 2018.  My responsibilities ranged from organizing our fundraising effort via Kickstarter, drafting our budget, hiring crew, and incorporating our LLC.  

Can't wait till November?  You can catch our pilot episode on Youtube now!

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LAINE + ALLIAGE (Commerical, 2017-18)

These commercial shorts and stills I produced and directed for Laine + Alliage custom pillow brand appear on their website and Instagram.  The goal was to capture a large amount of footage with a diversity of shots to allow the client to use the footage for multiple purposes and video series.  Check out their website and see the first few of many promo videos we will be able to create from the huge amount of footage we were able to capture.  Find all the stills and promos on Instagram: @laineandalliage

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SEe you at the funeral! (play, 2016)

"See You at the Funeral! is a dark solo musical comedy about grappling with the seductive illusion of control. You only die once--don’t miss it!"

I produced See You at the Funeral! in it's newly expanded three act form at La Mama ETC in New York, NY.  I was brought to the project by the director Tricia Brouk who I had worked with on Sublets, season one. Together with the star and playwright Tova Katz, I created the budget, ran our fundraising campaign, oversaw promotional materials (poster, videos), created social media accounts, and organized rehearsal/performance calendars.